Friday, September 02, 2005

Honeymoon here we come!

We are finally married. I am so happy that so many people were able to see Cindy and I become husband and wife. It still has not totally hit me that I am married. I mean, every now and then I feel this overwhelming sense of pride and joy that I was able to find my true love and was fortunate enough that she wanted to marry me. I think everything will hit me when the process of changing Cindy's last name is complete. I mean, just like that, another McHenry enters the clan.

Anyways, we are about to go on our honeymoon. I am both nervous and excited, kind of like the wedding :-). I mean, Mexico is a great place, but we are going during the T-storm season and weather forecasts are not so nice. My sister Megan just returned from her hurricane filled honeymoon trip to Mexico. They ended up having an ok time, but they had to switch hotels because their hotel was devastated by the hurricane Emily. I do not think that is going to happen to us.

Cindy is very excited that we get to go swim with the dolphins. If we get to only have one day of sunshine, I hope it is on the day we get to go swim with the dolphins. Cindy is looking forward to that day so much, I hope it all goes well.