Sunday, October 16, 2005

Serenity Now For OSU ... GO BEAVS

Saturday was a great day to be an OSU BEAVER. I went over to my parents to watch the OSU game versus the CAL Golden Bears. We all had our hopes and dreams of beating CAL shattered over and over again due to our 4 turnovers. However, CAL turned over the ball 5 times leading to an OSU win 23-20. It was a great game of changing leads and changing emotions.

After the game Jeff, my brother in law and I decided to go see Serenity. I do believe that was a good movie. However, all the hype made it seem like a little bit of a let down at the time. Now that I think back, I am very glad to have seen it in the movie theater at my student discount price :-) . The special effects and sound were marvelously done and the movies plot of good versus imperialistic evil resembled something out of Star Wars. On the other hand, this was no Star Wars, but I believe there will be a sequel.

When the movie ended Jeff and I met up with our wives and my best friend’s beloved girlfriend, Alicia. We all went to the Rogue Brew Pub in North Plains and had a hoooooot of a good time. They had some country bumpkin live band that played some psychedelic old tunes. In the end, the food was great, the company was to die for and the Black Butte Porter was as good as ever.

Thanks for everyone who made that day a great day in the life of the THE MCHENRYS!!!


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At 8:54 PM, Anonymous Rachel said...


It is snowing tonight and Micah and I are getting excited about skiing. I looked on Willamette Pass's website, saw snowshoeing, thought of you guys, and guessed the domain of your blogger site. Success! I found you!

Btw, your "some wedding pictures" link goes to our 2005 Glacier Park photo album. Lols?

Hope you both are well,


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