Saturday, October 01, 2005

We are finally posting about our honeymoon trip

It has been 1 month since my last post. WOW that went really fast. Alot has happened in that short time. We had a great time in Mexico and I think I will share it with you all.

Day One - The dreaded plane trip.

The plane trip actually wasn't so bad. We started out with an early flight out of PDX to LA. We were seated next to the bathroom so that kinda sucked, but the flight was short. When we got to LA we decided to upgrade to first class. OMG... for someone who has never sat in first class and who just on a flight sitting next to the bathroom, this flight was awesome. They gave us drinks after drinks and gave us the best plane food I have ever eaten and the butter was in a shape of a star. How cool was that.

Anyways, we arrived at humid Puerto Vallarta around 4 and was in our hotel at 4:30. Down at the aqua bar by 5 and warmed up for the fiesta at 6. The fiesta was a great start to what turned out to be the best trip I have ever taken with my wife.

Day Two - Do I look RED... I think I am burning

The second day we spent most of the time playing by the pool drinking coco locos and cabanias while ordering room service for dinner. We were going to go to the very sheak restaurant downstairs, but I was so burned that pizzas seemed like a better idea.

Day Three - The Flea Market and Dinner

Day three consisted of a lovely breakfast, more time at the aqua bar and a 2 hour trip into the city. I love that taxi fairs are flat rates there. Anyways, we purchased some sunglasses and some other crap from the flea market and had a nice stroll on the boardwalk. We ended the day with dinner at the hotel's nicest restaurant.

Day Four - Swimming With The Dolphins

Day for was a crazy, but great day. We woke up early and order some room service breakfast. We got a cab to the dolphin place, only to be dropped off on the wrong side of the marina. After a nice 20 minute walk we finally arrived at the dolphin adventures. Cindy was so excited I could tell from the get go this was going to be expensive :-). Expensive in pictures I mean. We had a lady we met take pictures while we were the pools playing with the dolphins and riding them, but we couldn't take our water camera with us in the pool. This meant that we HAD to purchase all 7 pictures that the dolphin people took of us costing alot of money, but it was totally worth it. Cindy was so excited.

Day Five - The Lazy Day

The lazy day consisted of us ordering almost only room service all day. We watched like 3 movies and took plenty of naps. We stayed up late though to watch what turned out to be the coolest thunderstorm I have ever seen.

Day Six - Tennis and the Beach

Like the title of day six says, we played tennis and walked on the beach. We also ate a bunch of food, and swam in the pool alot.

It was a fun relaxing day. We were supposed to go on a huge trip on Friday, but the lady who we had to schedule the trip had left an hour early. So we were forced to decide to do the trip on Saturday, our "LAZY day before we go" or just not go on the l
ittle adventure.

We decided to be lazy. The best parts of the day were playing tennis together and walking on the beach at sunset.

Day Seven - We Have to Go Home & Loose 100 bucks in sunglasses at LAX

Day seven was basically our trip home. Two big things happened this day. The first was when we decided to get some Coney Island chili dogs at some bar at LAX. It was like 7 bucks, except they made my order twice so we ended up get 2 for 1. How Cool is that.

The second thing that happened this day was that somehow, all of my sunglasses except a really crapy pair got stolen or were left, or lost at LAX. My 7 day old brand new nikes (purchased at PDX on the way to Puerto Vallarta) and 3 pairs of fake Oakleys from Mexico are all missing. I think they dropped out of my backpack when I was pulling the extra sodas from the plane trip out to drink with our Coney Island chili dogs.

So basically LAX saved us 8 bucks in chili dogs, but cost me 100 bucks in sunglasses.


Lata all



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Hey, that sounds like an awesome trip, but I'd like to think that the dolphins stole all of the sunglasses, those conniving jerks.

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